Welcome to Goldfields Baptist College

Celebrating 15 years of blessings!

A ministry of Kalgoorlie Baptist Church.

The vision for the College is:
An excellent education in a Christian context.
An open enrolment policy is maintained and students with a positive attitude to the philosophy of the College are welcomed.

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"To The Principal, Goldfields Baptist College,
 I would like to let the College know that my son, Matt John Lonsdale, Year 10 will be leaving at the end of the year to continue on with an apprenticeship in Painting and Decorating.
I would like to take the time as a parent to thank the College for everything that the Teachers and Teachers Aides have done for my son in the time that he has be at the College.
When my son come to the College he had a learning problem and the College welcomed him with open arms and he has blossomed into a wonderful man. I owe it all to the College for the path that my son Matt has taken. I can’t thank the College enough for everything they have done for Matt. I am so grateful. As a parent you want the best for your children and I could not ask for anything more because the College has given it all to both of my children.
Thanks, Bronwyn Lonsdale."